PANTHERx gives people living with rare conditions back the moments they thought their diagnoses took away.

Health is complicated, especially when rare diseases requiring multifaceted treatment plans and sensitive medications play a dominant role. PANTHERx serves the needs of our biopharma partners, payers, prescribers, and most importantly our patients, by streamlining the process associated with getting rare medications from the people who create them to the people who need them most, ultimately delivering better health outcomes to people living with rare diseases.


PANTHERx’s dedicated & comprehensive approach to caring for people living with rare and orphan diseases.

PANTHERx and our RxARECARE™ teams offer fully coordinated clinical services that cater to our partners and accreditation requirements, patient preferences, and the unique profiles specific to complex disease states…

Clinical Call Centers

Product Specific Clinical Programs

Patient Education & Therapy Management

Adherence Support Programs

Data & Analytics

Detailed Reimbursement Support

Defining Rare™

With a suite of synchronized compliance, logistics, and analytics solutions, PANTHERx is the go-to rare disease pharmacy for the industry.

Pharma Launch Solutions

REMS Compliance

Clinical Trial Patient Conversion

Logistics Management

Cold Chain Management

Pharmacovigilance Services

Supporting Every Aspect of the Patient Journey

PANTHERx has invested in the areas of our company that directly impact the lives of our patients. As our company has grown, the caliber of our partner products, clinical services, channel management systems, and technology have advanced and risen to exceed expectations and meet the needs of even our most complicated clinical challenges.