PANTHERx is an independent pharmacy that focuses on rare, orphan, and devastating diseases. The drugs we dispense give hope to the populations of patients who need them to achieve better health outcomes and a greater quality of life.

PANTHERx carefully selects every drug we dispense to ensure that we can meet the needs of people living with incredibly complicated rare conditions. Our highly knowledgeable RxARECARE™ Teams provide exceptional patient support by adapting to individual patient and partner needs. We utilize cutting-edge technologies and processes to encourage meaningful patient communication resulting in improved adherence, minimized waste, and reduced healthcare costs.

Leveraging technology for improved patient outcomes and efficient patient care.

At PANTHERx, we invest in innovative technology to help us capture and deliver data that supports improved health outcomes for your members.

Our proprietary SWFT system captures relevant reportable data such as side effect tracking, therapy adherence, issue resolution, and medication refills. We actively monitor, resolve, and understand your members complications as they arise, and most importantly, before they escalate. These customizable services reduce hospital admissions, control side effects, and avoid waste.

Superior service that benefits every member of the healthcare system.

At PANTHERx, we provide excellent customer service to everyone, always. PANTHERx’s RxARECARE™ model, unique expertise, and willingness to support payor, manufacturer, and prescriber goals for cost effective therapy and improved health outcomes leads to greater satisfaction for all.