“Rare” is who we are, so much so that it is in our name. PANTHERx’s extensive experience in, and laser focus on, “rare” resulted in the company’s unique RxARECARE® structure: highly customizable programs comprised of small, crossfunctional, medication-specific teams that partner with providers and patients. RxARECARE® teams deliver dedicated knowledge, skills, and attention to medications and patient populations based on the individual needs of the drug.

PANTHERx’s financial, clinical, and analytics teams utilize the company’s proprietary software, SWFT®, to create care plans that fit each patient. Metrics and data derived from the system are shared with biopharma partners during regular business reviews to assess, monitor, and improve programs. PANTHERx’s RxARECARE® teams drive accuracy and precision to hit the rare patient care bullseye on every case.


Emerging-Biotech Experience

Helping clinical stage manufacturers successfully commercialize.

National Presence

With expertise in precision medicine therapies.

Proven Track Record

Managing numerous exclusive distribution programs.

Agile Launch

Flexibility and nimbleness to execute on your schedule.

Rare Disease Expertise

A dedicated, expert team managing small patient populations with customized solutions.

Payer Access

Dispensing to Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid patients nationwide.