Patient centricity that works.

Unmatched Availability

Patients have access to us 24/7 and so does your office. We utilize simple phone trees, so every caller talks to a live person after 1-2 prompts.

Financial Assistance Support

We help enroll patients in copay and other assistance programs.

Coordination of Benefits

We take special care and thoroughly coordinate patient benefits, including direct billing arrangements.

Accessible Pharmacy

We keep clear, open lines of communication between our care coordinations and our pharmacy staff to ensure timely therapy delivery. We provide FedEx overnight or 2-day shipping on medications at no additional cost.

Benefits Investigation

We explore a unique list of funding sources, in addition to health insurance coverage, for each patient to achieve the lowest out-of-pocket treatment option.

Team of Telephonic Nurses

Our goal is to have new patients enrolled in therapy as quickly as possible. PANTHERx coordinates administrative tasks and provides prior authorization support to our prescribers.

A true provider partnership.

Experience that Provides Medication Access to Your Patients

At PANTHERx we speak the language of rare disease. We have extensive experience helping physicians and easing administrative burden by handling unique payer requirements, prior authorizations, supporting clinical documentation and written appeals.

Streamlined & Thoughtful Communication

We communicate with you and our patients based on your preferences and strive to make every conversation meaningful and helpful.

Individualized Therapy Coordination

Our RxARE CARE model ensures that each patient’s journey is individualized to their needs and goals, rather than a “one size fits all” approach to pharmaceutical care. We work with your office and each patient on a case by case basis for specialized and thorough therapy coordination.

Refer your patient, let PANTHERx handle the rest.