Watch the video to learn about Caitlyn Kozlowski, a young woman living with Hypophosphatasia (HPP). As a child Caitlyn loved to dance but was plagued with broken bones, an endless number of trips to the doctor, and many unanswered questions. Caitlyn’s symptoms persisted and the cause was not determined for ten years when, at the age of eighteen, an adult rheumatologist was able to diagnose her with hypophosphatasia.

Now a young adult, Caitlyn is navigating college and planning her future while adjusting to her rare disease and her medication. Caitlyn’s mother, Debbie, has been her primary caretaker and has been a constant source of support through diagnosis, medication onboarding, and continued adherence.

PANTHERx, the only health entity awarded the ACHC accredited distinction in rare pharmacy, was delighted to meet Caitlyn and Debbie, for whom we have provided care and assistance since Caitlyn was diagnosed with HPP. PANTHERx serves patients with rare and devastating diseases in the US by working with manufacturers to deliver life altering medications and related services via our RxARECARE® programs. Caitlyn’s RxARECARE® Team created a bond with Caitlyn and her family that assisted them through their journey with this rare disease.

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