Watch the video to learn about Dale Eppley, an inspiring man living with Primary Periodic Paralysis (PPP). Dale’s form of PPP is familial, his daughter Kim and his grandson Geoff share the same genetic condition.

When the RxARECARE team found out that Dale, Kim, and Geoff were coming to PANTHERx to participate in a patient profile the team was definitely excited. After years of phone calls and emails coordinating shipments, asking about side effects, and getting to know each other, our team could not wait to meet Dale and his family in person.

Dale, Kim, and Geoff have navigated their disease by relying on each other, becoming involved in the PPP community, and adhering strictly to their medication plans and dosing with the help of their PANTHERx RxARECARE® team. PANTHERx is proud to support Dale and his family to reach better health outcomes and experience the moments in life that are most important to them.

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