April 3, 2020: A Message of Gratitude

Dear PANTHERx Rare Associates,

As this crisis continues to unfold and updates are shared from communities across our country, I, like many of you, am constantly reminded that our patients are relying on our unwavering care and support. Our patients are confronted with this virus in a different way than most of us, it is very real and a serious threat to their lives. On many occasions, I have stated that one of the biggest things that we offer our patients is hope. Hope is enlightening and hope is relieving. In the early stages of this crisis, we received countless questions regarding our ability to deliver their life saving medications. A few short weeks later, due to your efforts as an integral part of 1PANTHERx, those questions have ceased and have been replaced by compliments and notes of gratitude. In a world that is suddenly filled with uncertainty, you have given hope, calm and a sense of security to our vulnerable patients.

Today, as you navigate through these uncertain times, I urge you to reflect on all the good things that you do on behalf of our patients. Every associate at PANTHERx is instrumental in delivering hope to thousands. What an incredible gift to give to others! Please take every moment, every opportunity, every conversation with our patients, partners, and providers to bring positivity and promise for a better tomorrow. 

You are performing in an exceptional manner and my inspiration and hope is in you. My wish and advice to you is to appreciate what you have, give of your talents like never before, and continue to have hope! Each day that ends with you and your loved ones healthy and safe is not just a good day, it is a great day, and is one day closer to these events being behind us. Hope has at its foundation the belief that tomorrow can be better than today. That day is on its way.

Words cannot describe the pride that I have in you and our team. I encourage you to be inspired by our good fortune, incredible mission, and the opportunities that allow you to make a difference. Remember, we are a rare company, with rare associates, and a rare mission.

I wish health and safety to you and your families.

Most sincerely,

Gordon J. Vanscoy

Chairman & CEO of PANTHERx Rare

March 18, 2020 Update

March 15, 2020 Update

February 28, 2020 Update

“I want to assure you that PANTHERx Rare has been taking, and will continue to take, all measures to ensure that our rare patients will continue to receive uninterrupted white glove service, while we take measures to protect our associates and their families. PANTHERx Rare is guided by the values of genuine integrity, disruptive innovation, uncompromising quality, mutual growth, respectful culture, supportive ambition, authentic dedication, and positivity. More than ever, I am confident that our team and these values will allow us to successfully overcome any challenges ahead.”

-Dr. Gordon J. Vanscoy, Chairman & CEO